Uncle Joe’s Waikiki — The Real Waikiki

Aloha, I’m Joe Kernan and this is Uncle Joe’s Waikiki.

That’s the tagline for my new YouTube channel, set to launch early next year.

My first season, will be ten thirty minute episodes, released weekly. I’ll also release a couple of shorts between episodes.

In addition to interviews with various locals and tourists, the show will feature street performers, short comedy bits, features about Waikiki history and current events.

Beyond all that, I want to change how people think about issues such as “homelessness”. I’ll be exploring the unique cultural landscape of Waikiki and I’ll propose solutions to long standing problems that affect Waikiki and beyond.

Come join me as we explore the real Waikiki.

I’m Joe Kernan and this is Uncle Joe’s Waikiki.

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